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The Beneficiary–2024

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The Beneficiary–2023

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The Kamloops Wine & Beverage Festival is proud to support Western Canada Theatre by donating a portion of the ticket revenue from the Grand Wine & Beverage Tasting. We are always proud to support the arts!

Western Canada Theatre is proud to bring top-notch, world-class theatre to the audiences of Kamloops, the region and across Canada—from our highly anticipated holiday shows to our popular Saturday Pay-What-You-Can matinees, from our innovative Pavilion Theatre Series to our delightful Family Series. Through its 48 years, WCT has also looked to the future, by providing professional theatre training for artists and technicians and theatre arts education for children and youth. Whether to inspire, enrich, or entertain, we boldly make outstanding live theatre happen here, telling stories that resonate in our region and across Canada and many First Nations. From laughter and tears to reflection and learning, we reinvigorate familiar favourites, amplify new voices and examine issues that affect our world today and shape our future. We believe in the transformative power of theatre, in entertaining, educating, and edifying a broad audience.

WCT 22-23 Grease 21_Photo by ROBERT SONDERGAARD.jpg


Grease: Grease CAST (2023) | Director JAMES MacDONALD | Music Director STEVEN GREENFIELD | Choreographer ALLISON PLAMONDON | Set Design NARDA McCARROLL | Costume Design STEPHANIE KONG | Lighting Design ROBERT SONDERGAARD |  Photo by ROBERT SONDERGAARD

WCT 22-23_Sleight of Mind 13.jpg

Sleight of Mind

Sleight of Mind: DANIELLE KLAUDT, TEO SAEFKOW, VALERIA ASCOLESE, JAMIE WILLIAMS in Sleight of Mind (2022) | Director JAMES MacDONALD | Set Design HANS SAEFKOW | Costume Design BEYATA HACKBORN | Lighting Design LOUISE GUINAND | Intimacy Director KARYN MOTT (Principal Intimacy Professionals) | Movement Consultant TRACEY POWER | Photo by BARBARA ZIMONICK

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